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Terms Of Service



This is a legally binding contract that you enter into when you use our site, and / or make a purchase from us. Please read it and make sure you understand and agree to it before using the TC Blades site, it's products and it's services. 




TC Blades is a small, family owned, custom knife making and design business. We are aware of the problemes posed when ordering custom made items over the internet. We are doing all that is in our power to assure that your purchase with us will be safe, timely, and enjoyable and that the product you recieve will give you long lasting use. Bear in mind that custom orders differ from "in stock" orders in thatbecause they are only fabricated after the order has been made. This takes time, and in the case of hand made items, such as our custom made knives - this takes considerably more time, than most other products available for sale and immediate dispatch over the internet. It is for this reason that we have created a transparent ordering and queue system which will allow for a more streamlined experience for you, and us. We feel that trust can only be demonstrated under the most clear and transparent conditions and it is why we invested a lot of time, effort, and funds into our site, so as to make it easier for you, our valued customer, to make an educated purchase decision, and it is for this very reason we have created the following:


  • A clearly obeservable and trackable queue system.
  • An order progress tracking system.
  • Offer a full, 100% refund on any order that has not shipped by it's designated dead-line.


When you are invoiced for any of our products you are provided with a link to this contract and paying for your order means you have checked the "I agree" box. checking the "I agree" box prior to completing your payment signifies that you understand and agree with our terms of service, as brought to you here, and that they serve as the foundation for the successfull completion of our transaction. As such you agree that these terms and conditions will take precedence over any third party policy. While we do all that is in our power to diligantly complete and ship all orders as soon as possible (by the stated deadline date or before the stated deadline a.k.a the estimated time of shipping, as it appears on your "order status"), Some orders may require a longer waiting period than others (i.e. a longer waiting period before shipping it to you), depending on the order's place in the queue, the length of time required to obtain special materials required for completion of the order, a greater number of items per order etc. At times, this will cause a conflict between our assurance of satisfaction and some third party policies regarding their assurance of satisfaction.You acknowledge and agree that this descrepancy does not constitute a breeach of contract between us. You acknowledge that some of the terms of service presented here may change from time to time, and that these changes, once made, are in fact due notice to all our past, present, and future customers. You agree that it is your sole responsibility to educate yourself about any such changes by frequenting our terms of service page on our site when ever you so wish to do so. Be assured that utmost care is taken in design, materials, execution, packaging, shipping and handling to insure that your custom made object designed and agreed upon prior to its making will give you long lasting service and use. Be assured that any payed order will be shipped to you until the designated "deadline". If we fail to meet this goal, a full refund will be issued.  


The order queue system:

When you pay for your order, it is automatically assigned a place in the queue depending on various factors such as the complexity of your order, the volume of your order, the shop's workload at the time of your order, availability of materials needed to complete your etc. Your place in the queue is made abundently clear to you at any given time and you can check on your order's progress and status as often as you wish. You can stay up to date on the status of your order by loging into your account on our site and choosing "active orders" from the main menu. There, you will be able to see all your orders from us, how much of an order (in terms of progress) has been filled, what the estimated date of shipping for this order is etc. In any event that the estimated shipping date of an order is not met, or if for any other reason an order cannot be completed by us on time, your money will be refunded as soon as the estimated shipping date has passed. In fact, we will initiate an offer for full refund on instances such as this, prior to the arrival of the deadline. You can accept a full refund - or opt to prolong the deadline. If you choose to ignore this contact message from us, we will refund your payment by default. 


All products are hand made and as such may display certain inaccuracies, marks or variations in shape and/or curvature from time to time. We do not feel that this detracts in any way, shape or form from the beauty and/or functionality of our products, and as such, claims of this nature are not covered by our policy. This guarantee is void if the knife has been used (or abused) beyond normal wear and tear or used beyond what are considered the normal parameters of usage for the product in question. The product we make for you is meant to be used ONLY for it's intended purpose, and for no other purpose than what it was intended for, by us, when we made it. It is at the sole discretion of TC Blades whether to repair or replace damaged or defective items, be it free of charge, or for additional paymentan. We reserve the right to replace old or out of date parts with new parts as we find necessary and fit. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TAMPER, DISASSEMBLE, OR IN ANY WAY MODIFY OR REPLACE ANY OF THE PARTS EITHER TOGETHER, AS AN ASSEMBLAGE, OR A SINGLE PART. DOING SO WILL RENDER THE PRODUCT VOID! Organic Handles and scales may be replaced with similar - but not identical types of materials, depending on what we have in stock at the time. We reserve the right to replace parts or whole products that cannot be repaired, with similar but not identical parts or products, however, we are under no obligation to do so. Replaced products will not include the original product when they are shipped back to you. If your product has sentimental value and cannot be repaired, and it is your stated (written) wish that it be returned to you, we will ship it back to you without replacing it. The customer will cover the entire cost of shipping.  


Order cancellation: 

You can cancel your order with us, and receive 100% refund of your payment up to 21 days of payment completion. To cancel such an order simply send us an email to support@tcblades.net and your payment will be 100% refunded immediately - no questions asked. Cancellation of orders exceeding 21 days from payment completion will entail a 12% cancellation fee wich will be deducted from the amount refunded to you. You hereby acknowledge, understand, and agree to this term of service. you further agree that this protocol of order cancellation will take precedence over any 3rd party policies.


Redeemable Credit points: 

Registered users can accumulate points when ordering a knife. Points are accumulated according to various options chosen by the user.The number of accumulated points is shown under the price section of the ordering screen, throughout the ordering process.Points accumulated can be redeemed at the next check-out, for example if the user had 1000 points they would equal to (X) number of ($) dollars discount on your next checkout.
A regular user can only use a certain amount of points per checkout - up to a designated (x)% of the whole order value. Gold users can use up to (y)%, and Platinum users can use up to (z)%. The number of points will also be shown upon checkout, as well as on the user panel.Credit points cannot be transfered from user to user, and they cannot be "sold" or redeemed except through the above described channel i.e. upon checkout for a new order.


To receive maintenance and service under the warranty you must send the product in question with a postal service that enables us to conduct online tracking. You must contact us before you ship the item, and include a detailed written account as to the nature of the problem + proof of purchase + Order ID + photographs of the item in question in it's current condition. Please note that you will be required to pay a return shipping & handling fee - this fee may be updated from time to time and we are under no obligation to contact any of our clients before updating this fee. We will not be responsible for items sent to us through any channel other than the one stated in these terms of service. We will NOT cover any shipping and/or handling charges. All necessary payments for shipping the knife to us or us shipping the knife to the client while returning the item from service will be made by the client prior to shipping the item to us for servicing. Items sent to us using a non-traceable service, and / or without notifying us of the tracking number of the shipment will be void. We will not assume any responsibility for any additional duties, taxes, or payments required by the country of origin OR by the state of Israel OR by the Carrier. All the costs of transporting the item to us must be tended to by the sender and arranged with us before the item is shipped - or we will not accept, deal, or tend to this shipment in any way shape or form. Shipping & Handling: We will no longer ship with OR accept shipments delivered by FedEx, FedEx Israel, or any other Currier represented by, or associated with FedEx. All shipping & handling for our products will be charged international shipping rates pertinent to the shipment weight and destination. This includes shipments from us to you AND, in the case of products returned for maintenance or replacement - from you to us. Please note that some international carriers are handled by FedEx Israel. It is your responsibility to make sure that you do not use such carriers or your shipment will not be accepted by us. Shipments that incur any additional charges along their way and while in transit such as customs, taxes, penalties, or any other added value or monetary value payments WILL NOT BE CLAIMED OR DEALT WITH until you, the customer, have covered 100% of these costs. Please note that we will charge a flat rate of US $50.00 in any event where we have to leave the shop to deal with a shipment (such as an instance where we have to go to the central post office in order to claim a shipment). Implied Warranty:TC Blades will not be responsible for careless handling of its wares, in an unsafe or careless fashion. You may request maintenance work be done on any of our Kknives that have been determined to fall outside the terms and conditions of this policy for a fee, to be determined upon physical inspection of said item. No maintenance work will be done on any item before the maintenance fee & other relevant costs such as parts, labor, materials, incurred fees in transit from you to us or from us back to you have been determined, and paid for in full by the client. We will not maintain or modify any knives made by other makers or manufacturers. 

Recommended home maintenance:

It is recommended that you always sharpen your TC Blades Knife the old fashioned way, on a bench mounted water stone. Never use a motorized or power driven sharpening device on your TC Blades knife. TC Blades knives subjected to motorized sharpening devices constitute abuse and will not be covered by our policy. 


Wood & other organic materials: 

Wood is an organic material. It might display irregularities at times, such as small voids, inclusions figuring or collouring . Other materials such as horn may display similar features. These are not considered flaws. These are normal traits in these materials. The handles we make of a combination of different materials are carefully cut, prepared and then assembled. After shaping, sanding and finishing the handles, they will hold up well in a kitchen environment under normal use conditions. However, handles can break when they fall or get abused, and we will not be held responsible for such instances. 
While we use only seasoned woods and stabilized material, there is always a chance that wood, may continue to shift, especially after changes in climate due to changes in location. Handles with a combination of materials may develop inner tensions resulting in cracks or you may find the wood receding compared to metal pieces. We do what we can to prevent this but this cannot be totally excluded from the realm of possibility. In the rare event that a handle should break under normal use we will replace it for you at no charge (Shipping & Handling excluded).  


Incidental & Consequencial damages: 

TC Blades assumes no responsibility for incidental or consequential damages, with respect to economic loss, personal or 3rd party injury to body, soul, property, criminal liability, underage usage, or any other aspect of original or secondary owner's life, freedom, well being, health, or livelihood. Such instances as scratches, dings, dents, bumps, broken or scratched blades, broken tips, changes to blade geometry, (including tips, points, heels, spines, curvatures, etc. as well as those arising from regular use over time), rust, cut, corroded, broken or cracked wooden sayas, theft, neglect, loss, and / or any other condition that occurred after the date of shipping due to irresponsible use and / or abuse and / or incident be it as it may will not be covered by the warranty or merit the customer a right to claims and / or disputes . Items confiscated by any country's customs or other authorities be it in connection to a particular incident connected to you - or for any other reason, while in transit, or while carried on your person or while in your home or work place will be rendered void. TC Blades is and will remain the final Authority in all matters of determining if a particular product falls within this policy or not. 


Refusal of service:

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone and are under no obligation to provide a reason for this refusal. Items are only offered to persons 21 years of age or older. Persons under 21 years of age making purchases with a third party's means of payment (i.e. credit card, debit card, paypal account owned by someone other than them) or any other payment method are in breach of this contract and so is the third party whos means of payment is being used to conduct the transaction - even if this is done without their knowledge. Relative anonymity:We respect your right to relative anonymity, however, on certain occasions, we may be required to ask you to identify yourself. In such instances you will need to provide us with some formal document where your name matches the name associated with your means of payment. Please remember that items purchased by persons under 21 years of age constitute a breach of contract, and against our expressed and implied wishes, to be absolutely clear: NO SALE TO MINORS! TC Blades reserves the right to ask anyone for personal identification prior to shipping an item. Persons refusing to identify (if asked) will be refused service and all communications with them severed immediately. 


© copyright Notice: 

© Copyright www.tcblades.net all rights reserved. Any images bearing the TC Blades logo, the TC Blades logo itself, and any other use of the logo or the name TC Blades in the context of kitchen knives (chef knives). No exception, world wide, on or off the web, for social media or otherwise.  Please note and be advised that the automated knife assembly system a.k.a the TC blades online knife wizard a.k.a online knife design and ordering utility - or any other name deemed acceptible ad hok to describe it, is the property of www.tcblades.net, as are any images (complete or partial) originating from it's use. When making a purchase decision for a knife you designed using this system you agree that Any image, photo, depiction, drawing, sketch etc. observable on our site pages represents the actual product you order. In cases where the image in question is, in fact, the actual representation of the product you are ordering you will recieve a tangible object similar but not identical to the object depicted in your design. The actual, tangible object that will be shipped to you will adhere to the measurements and geometries noted in your design. All photos, images, sketches, designs, video, recordings, depictions, scribbles, etc. etc. that are created by us or our prospective  and used in the course of your activity online or any other activity of wich we are not a third party, knowledgable of, aware of, etc. will remain the sole property of www.tcblades.net Copyright © TC Blades 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008,2009,2010,2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 All rights reserved. Under this copyright we do not allow anyone to make any use of these materials without our express written permission.